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$35,000 Tesla Model 3 Coming Sooner Than Expected

Tesla has updated its Model 3 configurator and it looks like the highly anticipated standard range version which will sell for $35,000 should be available sooner than most expected. The configurator now says it’ll be “Early 2018”. Of course, it does take about 4 weeks to make the car but nevertheless it looks like the moment of truth is coming sooner than we all thought, which in my case was around July.

Also, the configurator has updated the Dual Motor version to be released in “Spring of 2018” which also is much earlier than most predicted. In addition to that, an image of the dual motor Model 3 diagram was leaked and posted on Reddit which only further suggests that Tesla is planning on releasing it soon.

Of course, in the last couple of weeks the big news is the Model 3 display models that are now being delivered to Tesla showrooms on the East and West costs. That’s another sign that Tesla is gearing up for a big push. Things are getting very interesting.

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