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Byton Electric Car Review: SUV of the Future

Even though most of the hype went to Fisker before the start of the CES, the most surprising and impressive unveiling belonged to Byton, a Chinese-based company with offices in Europe and the US. The company is only 3 years old but it has a great financial backing and solid executive core with good industry experience. The 2-door compact SUV that Byton has unveiled was full of the latest tech that we have not seen in any other concept car before.

The entire dashboard is taken over by a full width touch screen with an additional smaller screen mounted inside the steering wheel. The car will be able to unlock itself by simply recognizing its owner’s face as he or she approaches the car with its external cameras and facial recognition software. In the car, a driver has a choice of interacting with the car through touch or gesture control.  You can simply point to the part of the screen you want to interact with and do so by having your gestures read and registered through the car’s internal tracking cameras. In addition to that, the car has more than 300 mile range and will be priced starting at $45,000.

If Byton is able to bring this car into production in the next couple of years, it should be very much in demand in the electric car fan community.

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