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Can Tesla Model 3 Be the Best Selling EV Already?

It is only a beginning of February, and the Tesla Model 3 sedan is just starting to be delivered to private customers since mid December. It has also been having a lot of production and delivery issues on top of that for a few months now. And look! Model 3 is already the best selling electric car in the month of January in the United States according to website that keeps track of electric car sales which, by the way, include plugin electric cars as well.

Tesla has sold 1,875 Model 3 sedans in January according to the website, with Toyota Prius Prime and Chevy Bolt following it in the second and third spots. It is expected for the electric car sales to dip sharply in January because a lot of electric cars are sold in December in the US due to buyers trying to claim their federal tax credit in April. Model 3, of course, is an exception with almost half a million reservations patiently waiting to be filled.

It is expected that as Model 3 production continues to ramp up, it will stay on top of this chart for a very long time.

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