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Chevy Bolt is Officially Dead in Europe

Chevy Bolt may be one of the better selling electric cars in the United States but in Europe it is a whole different story. GM brought the Bolt to Europe under the Opel brand and called it Ampera-E. However, at around the same time Opel was sold to PSA Group. GM has failed to supply enough cars and parts for the demand and it has resulted in some price hikes for the cars already made which has created a lot of unhappy customers. The sales have been down to nothing and it looks like this week Opel has put an end to the whole drama. Opel has announced that it will move forward with its Corsa model to create an all electric version to replace the Ampera-E and move forward.

It is surprising to see GM fail at grabbing its almost guaranteed share of electric car sales in Europe and therefore allowing for its competition to fill in the cap.

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