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Deliveries Ahead of Schedule for Tesla Model 3

With all the ups and downs of the Tesla Model 3 journey, it’s good to see yet another good news coming out of Tesla. Today the online publication Electrek is reporting that Model 3 deliveries may start as early as next week. This report is based on a reddit poster who is claiming that his delivery date is scheduled for next week and his VIN number is in low 2,000s.

VIN numbers don’t always indicate how many cars have been made. In my personal experience, I’ve seen recently delivered Model 3 cars with a VIN in 200s, and others with license plates that are in high 800s. Even if Tesla has made over 2,000 of Model 3s at this point it still doesn’t mean the production has gone up to 2,000 cars per week.

As someone who made his reservation 3 hours into the first day and is a current Tesla owner in California, I’ve yet to receive my configuration email which means that Tesla may not have their production rate that high just yet. Still we are a week away from a beginning of something amazing!

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