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Driverless Self-Driving Cars are Coming to California

California is moving forward with allowing companies to operate self-driving cars with no humans behind the wheel. DMV has approved the policy this week and the test programs can start as early as April. The catch is that those cars have to have remote operators watching over them at all times. So, essentially there will be a remote driver assigned to each car ( though sometimes one driver can operate multiple cars ) and be able to interject in case of an issue or be able to communicate with people inside and outside the car in case of an emergency or an issue.

Waymo and GM will probably be the first to market as they already operate similar programs in other states and their technology has been leading the industry in the past year. Of course, any remote control of vehicles opens up a question of hacking them where a hacker can take control over the car and do whatever he or she wants with it. That may be a problem. Hopefully not. The future is here and California is once again on the front lines of it.

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