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Electric Car Under $7,000: Nissan Makes Leaf’s Battery Affordable

How can you buy an electric car for under $7,000? It’s easy. Find a used Nissan Leaf that is being sold for only a few thousand dollars because its battery had degraded to a very short range. Then have Nissan replace that battery with a reconditioned one for under $3,000! You essentially get a relatively new car because it is the battery that is the main component in an electric car while your electric motor can last for a very very long time.

Nissan had started the reconditioned battery exchange program in Japan and it’s reasonable to hope it will extend it to the US and Europe at some point as well. The replacement of a 24kWh battery costs only $2,850. The battery is reconditioned by Nissan.

Battery reconditioning is expected to be another mini-industry that can spark out of the electric car revolution in the next few years.

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