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Elon Musk Says He Will Finally Quit Twitter… But Will He?

Ah, Elon Musk and Twitter.  The jury is still out whether this is a match made in heaven or hell.  While Tesla’s CEO often uses the platform for the benefit of his electric car company, sometimes he manages to wedge his foot firmly in his mouth and get himself into all sorts of trouble.  Such an occurrence happened once again this past weekend, and after the drama slowed, Elon Musk announced that he is quitting Twitter. 

But is this the truth, or merely a joke?  With Musk, it is hard to tell.

Elon Musk Quitting Twitter

This weekend’s theatrics came about after Musk posted artwork by French artist @MagaliProd, but failed to credit his source and the artist.  When Twitter users asked him to do so, Musk simply replied with ‘no’ and mostly ignored them.   

Eventually, Musk went on to argue that “no one should be credited with anything ever” while occasionally responding with “always credit everyone”, making it appear that he was simply trolling the Twitter users who were upset with him.  But later on, he transitioned to blaming the sourcing of artists for destroying social media.  

“I wish people would stop crediting artists on twitter when any fool can find out who the artist was in seconds. It’s destroying the medium,” he stated in a bizarre twist.   

Since then, all tweets related to the spat have been deleted.  Shortly afterward, he changed his Twitter handle to ‘Daddy DotCom’ and stated that he had deleted his Twitter.  As of the writing of this article, his Twitter account is still live.

Past Twitter-Related Drama

This is not the first time Musk has landed himself in hot water with his use of Twitter.  His spat with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is old news at this point, when he ended up being sued for fraud.  He has since gotten himself into trouble for breaking the rules laid out in a later settlement. 

Then there was the time last year when he slandered British cave diver Vern Unsworth by calling him “pedo guy“.  Unsworth had gained the Tesla CEO’s ire by criticizing Musk’s offer to help a trapped Thai soccer team as little more than a publicity stunt.  Musk went on to continue attacking the man via Twitter and other media channels. 

Stock Price Rebound

Whether or not it is related to this weekend’s kerfuffle and subsequent Twitter ‘deletion’, today the price of Tesla’s stock managed to jump by 4 percent. 

This could be because of a positive recent shareholder’s meeting and signs that reported demand issues are false.  In fact, Tesla may very well be on track for a record quarter of deliveries.  But then again, it could also be a result of Tesla’s CEO potentially taking a step back from the social media platform that continues to cause him headaches.

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