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Faraday Future is Testing Its FF91 Prototype Cars

Faraday Future was believed to be nothing but dead only a few months ago as the electric car startup was almost out of money and had lost a substantial portion of its talent. However, a mysterious investor had injected the company with over one billion dollars last year and gave the company a new hope.

Last month Faraday Future held a supplier summit at its headquarters to establish the working relationships which indicated that the production plans have been reinstated. This week, the company has released a short video of 10 of its FF91 prototype cars which they are going to put through different road and weather tests in the next few weeks.

This certainly indicates that the company looks to be moving on its plans to bring the FF91 to production. The only question is will the car still be relevant by the time it’s available to customers? By then, there will be many more alternatives besides Tesla that are going to be on the market to compete with.

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