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Fisker claims 1 minute to charge a 500 mile EV battery

You might remember Fisker—a company which split from Tesla to release their own car, the Fisker Karma, about five years ago. While their initial entry into the market may not have lived up to some expectations, some thrilling news that broke over the past two weeks may just catapult them back to the front of the pack of electric car manufacturers.

After a bit of a bumpy start, Fisker is on the cusp of releasing a new model to the public. The Fisker EMotion is expected to debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Los Vegas in January, and I’ll be there to get one of the first looks at this up and coming tech. With a robust range and short charging time, this luxury sports car is sure to make an impact.

The most exciting news involving Fisker, however, is that the company’s research towards a more efficient battery has finally borne fruit in the way of a hybrid supercapacitor and solid state battery which they claim can go up to 500 miles on less than a minute’s charge. While consumers should not expect to see this battery hit the market until about 2023, the prospect is one that electric car enthusiasts can definitely look forward to.

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