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Ford Challenges Tesla with an All-Electric F-150 Truck Demo

Determined to show off that electric vehicles can be ‘Built Ford Tough’ too, today Ford released a video showcasing their prototype all-electric F-150’s remarkable towing capacity.  While plainly trying to appeal to a very stereotypical audience, it is hard not to be impressed by Ford and its new electric truck.

Ford F 150 Electric Pickup Truck

If you have not yet seen the video, here is the summary.  The tech demo shows a group of F-150 owners (all male, for some reason) boasting about their intense Ford pride before the electric F-150 is finally unveiled. Disbelieving, they watch the truck pull 10 empty double-decker rail cars over 1,000 feet. Once that is done, they watch it pull those same cars while loaded with 42 regular, gas-burning F-150s.  Fully loaded, the train cars come to about 1.25 million pounds. The current truck owners express their profound surprise, and one is left with the message that yes, even an electric pickup truck can be tough and manly.

Obviously one cannot expect to go and buy the truck when it is released and expect to pull the same stunt– there is a huge difference between rated and maximum towing capacity, after all.  But the video is a great example of how electric motors can handle more torque than gas-powered engines, even at a full standstill. 

It is not perfect, though.  While an electric pickup may be able to pull more weight than its ICE cousin, the range in which it would be able to do so would be greatly reduced. For example, the standard gas-powered Ford F150 with 36-gallon tanks has a non-towing range of 720 miles. The longest-range electric car on the market (the Tesla Model S 100D) can only go 335 miles. 

While we have now seen the prototype, we still do not have a lot of details.  There has been no news of when it will be released to the market, nor what its battery capacity will be.

Welcome Competition

It is great to see the electric Ford F-150 hit the scene since so far there has been little activity with this particular style. Tesla is reportedly still working on their own electric pickup truck; if all goes well, we may expect to see it unveiled by the end of the year. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has done his own tow capacity bragging, stating that the Tesla model should be able to tow about 300,000 pounds.  This is still a pretty impressive feat. 

Then there is Rivian, an American automaker committed to developing sustainable transportation.  Their R1T electric truck was also recently revealed and is expected to be released in 2020.  Any rivalry between Rivian and Ford should not be taken too seriously. Ford has invested $500 million into the company.  In fact, Ford plans on someday using Rivian’s platform to build an electric vehicle of their own.

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  1. Impressive video of the F-150 pulling the rail cars empty/full! Happy to see Ford took the reigns and built a EV pickup truck to demonstrate to their employees who are so loyal to the F-150. I myself don’t really have a need for a full size pickup truck. But I am anxious to see what the specs are and the cost will be. Hopefully, they will get it to market quickly so the competition can begin?
    Alex, you do a great job reporting. I like the humor you throw in too.

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