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How to Get $60,000 off the Tesla Semi Truck

We have all heard and some of us used the incentives to buy an electric car. However, not too many people have thought about having government incentives for electric industrial vehicles like semi trucks. The first one to make a step in that direction is Ontario, one of Canada’s provinces. They are just about to create one and it’ll cap roughly at around $60,000 which is a pretty significant portion of Tesla Semi’s starting price of $150,000.

The question is should the government encourage the adoption of the electric motor technology in the industrial world as much as they have in the private vehicle world. The same argument for the green technology being given a chance could be made.

Of course, it should be mentioned that Tesla’s Semi is at least 2 years away while some other companies have already started production on their electric trucks that are cheaper but also have much smaller range of around 100 miles.

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