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Is Revealing the Tesla Pickup Truck Now a Mistake?

Thanks to a tweet sent out today by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, we now know that the electric car manufacturer is still planning on unveiling its new electric pickup truck sometime next month.  While this is undoubtedly exciting news, it also leaves some concerned about the future of Tesla.  Is Tesla pushing its pickup truck’s release too quickly?

Tesla Pickup Truck Release

For a vehicle whose looks are a complete mystery, the chatter regarding the Tesla electric pickup truck is certainly active.  Musk has been teasing us with the unveiling for months now, and yesterday a Twitter follower asked if he was still aiming for the big reveal to happen in November.  Musk quickly replied with an affirmative.

Why the Rush?

While many will never not be excited to experience a Tesla unveiling, there will also be plenty of others questioning if the company is pushing a little too hard, too fast. 

For starters, the futuristic design that Musk is so proud of is bound to be a turn-off to some pickup truck owners.  There is a large demographic of truck owners who embody the American ‘good ol’ boy’ mentality who already chafe against the idea of a vehicle that runs on anything other than petroleum products.  These individuals are not going to take kindly to a truck that looks like something out of a sci-fi film.  It might not be a bad idea for Tesla to wait and see how Rivian’s more modern design does in the market, and adjust their own accordingly.

Speaking of Rivian— while Tesla may have been at the forefront of the electric pickup truck movement at one time, it has quickly been overtaken by other big names in the business, namely Rivian, Bollinger, and Ford.  This means that instead of being the one leading the pack, Tesla now appears to be the one riding on their coattails.  It is not the most flattering view one might want for one’s company.

There is also currently a backlog of Tesla vehicles waiting for production.  The new Roadster, the Model Y, and the Semi have all already been unveiled, but they are not expected to hit production until 2020 at the earliest.  Why add another one to the pile?

No More New Models Coming

That leads to the main reason why Tesla may not want to rush into things: all of the hype generated by the unveiling is going to fade between now and its actual release.  Since the Tesla electric pickup is the last product that Tesla is set to reveal for a while, the company will not have anything new to generate fresh interest in its offerings in the coming years. 

Why not wait with the unveiling of the Tesla pickup truck, do it a little later and use the future media coverage to reignite interest in Tesla’s products rather than let it wane? 

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