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Jaguar & Porsche Challenge Tesla

This week was a pivotal week for electric cars. Up until this year Tesla was pretty much an undisputed king of all electric car makers from performance and tech to over the air updates and the Supercharging network. However, this week the real alternatives to Tesla are starting to make its way into the public eye. Jaguar IPace lead the pack with a digital unveiling of its SUV, and released a “Tesla Challenge” video in which IPace beat the Model X on a closed course. The video is cleverly crafted to make the general public believe that IPace can beat even the fastest Model X which is not true. Nevertheless, this is the first time anybody produced a video in which a Tesla loses a race. Jaguar will also be the only other car that will have the over the year updates besides Tesla.

Porsche announced that they will be building their own fast charging network in the United States by installing the chargers at their 190 dealership locations which is a major step in having their upcoming Mission E compete with Tesla.

Hyundai Kona EV was unveiled as well with a range of over 200 miles and overall acceptable and good looking compact SUV most likely to be priced at under $40,000.

Mercedes promoted their cold weather testing of their upcoming electric SUV EQC and announced a partnership in China to create manufacturing facility to bring the EQ series to production.

Overall, the alternatives to Tesla are not only much more competitive now but are all within one year of reality. This is truly turning out to be the best year for electric cars yet.

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