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KIA Niro EV Review: All Electric SUV

With Byton and Fisker concept cars are still at least 2 years away from reality, Kia has quietly made a splash by unveiling a car that will be on sale this year. It has introduced an electric version of its Niro SUV called Niro EV with an impressive 238 mile range and a price tag expected to be below $40,000. The range which is competitive with the Chevy Bolt, the New Nissan Leaf and even the Tesla Model 3 along with being the only compact SUV on the market puts Kia in a great position to attract a lot of electric car sales with this EV.

This car already exists in the hybrid version so Kia has already figured out most of the architecture and the tech for the car and its production. I predict that this may just be one of the most successful electric cars on the market this year.

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