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Latest Tesla Model Y Rumor: Production Date Leaked

We haven’t heard much from Tesla as far as their Model Y crossover SUV is concerned. However, today we have heard some rumors from a blog called the Daily Kanban that Tesla is reaching out to potential suppliers to start getting ready for Model Y design and development. With those communications it looks like Tesla is targeting March 1st of 2020.

Of course, Tesla is pretty bad at keeping any types of deadlines. Steve Wozniak has pointed that out in his interview earlier in the week. We don’t really need him to know that it is true. However, it is important that Tesla seems to start moving past the Model 3 launch to its next project which Elon Musk himself believes will be Tesla’s best seller.

I also believe that Tesla is in the rush to reveal the Model Y and start taking reservation before people go for the Kia Niro EV that is coming out this year or other rivals that are making their way to the electric car market.

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