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Lucid Air Has Some Hope

Lucid Motors has been one of the most promising electric car start-ups in the last couple of years with an impressive prototype of it’s 4 door sedan Lucid Air. I have reported on Lucid Air a couple of months ago when I was lucky enough to be invited to their presentation at the Monterey Car Week earlier this year. It has impressive range, slick look and it has an impressively luxurious interior. However, Lucid Motors is still looking for a major investor to inject enough cash into the company to be able to move forward with their plans of building the factory to start production of their very first sedan. There have been rumors of Ford Motors, a company very much behind in its electric car technology, possibly negotiating the acquisition of Lucid, which would make a lot of sense to both sides.

This week Lucid Motors has announced that they have outgrown their recent location in Menlo Park, California and are moving to a bigger location in Newark, just a few miles down the road from Tesla’s Fremont Factory. This news signals a few possibilities. One of them is that the company may be close or has already completed its 4th round of investments and is ready to move forward. This news may also signal that the company is aggressively hiring and expanding its employee base.

Time will tell what this move really means but if any of the rumors are true, and this car can start production in the next couple of years, it will be one of the better alternatives to Tesla Model S sedan.

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