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Mercedes-Benz Jumps on the EV Bandwagon with EQS Unveiling

Not to be outdone by many of its counterparts, Mercedes-Benz joined other automakers at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show to reveal the second car in its EQ family of vehicles– the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS.  The all-new concept car manages to shine a light on the automaker’s future as well as its sustainability goals, all while looking absolutely gorgeous.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS

While the Mercedes-Benz is merely a concept car, it is also a prime example of the legacy automaker’s ability to put out a beautiful (and opulent) vehicle.  Drawing a lot of inspiration from the world of luxury yachts, Mercedes-Benz compares the “deep and open spatial architecture” in the interior of the car to the deck of a boat, and their statement is hard to disagree with.  The flowing lines of the interior are almost soothing in their flow.  A large screen rises from the front dashboard, adorned by integrated vertical vents with wood and rose gold accents.  Two smaller screens on each door armrest allow passengers to access personalized settings for various tasks.  The seats themselves seem to rise almost organically from the car, molded to cradle your body in diamond-patterned extravagance. 

The exterior is nothing to sneer at either, an incredibly sleek and contoured work of automotive art.  LEDs play a large part in the exterior design, making up the ‘grill’ and both front and rear light systems.  A belt of light runs around the entire car as well.  And in case the LED headlights were not fancy enough for you, they also each have four holographic lenses to display static images and even project holograms. 

Then there is the powertrain.  Each axle is paired with an electric motor to put out more than 469 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque, meaning that the EQS can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds.  Its lithium-ion battery should be able to manage a range of up to 435 mi (700 km) on a single charge.


If we set aside the looks, the Vision EQS is also impressive from a strategic perspective.  Mercedes-Benz says that it has developed a “fully-variable battery-electric drive platform” for the Vision EQS which it hopes to use on a cross-model basis, as the modular platform is scalable.  This sounds very much like what Volkswagen is doing with its MEB platform.  Having such a platform on hand will inevitably save Mercedes-Benz money and allow them to develop and bring electric cars to the market even faster. 


Another big selling point that Mercedes-Benz has been touting is that it is taking some radical steps towards sustainability starting with the Vision EQS.  Determined to reach a long-term goal of climate neutrality, the automaker aims to have a CO₂-neutral new car fleet within the next twenty years.  Its short-term goals include eventually purchasing battery cells that are wholly produced using power from renewable resources. 

From a less radical perspective, Mercedes-Benz is also incorporating a lot of recycled plastics into the design of the Vision EQS.  The interior is lined with a faux Nappa leather made from recycled plastic bottles, and the headliner is formed from a high-quality textile woven from recycled ‘ocean waste’ plastic. 

Even the real wood trim is sourced from specific German forests that keep production local in order to minimize their carbon footprints.

The Takeaway

If all goes well, the Vision EQS should graduate from a mere concept car to the second vehicle in Mercedes-Benz’s EQ lineup.  It is too early to tell when to anticipate its release or what sort of a starting price we might expect to see, but that information will come with time.  

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