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More Good News for Tesla Model 3

Since Tesla has had their big Model 3 event back in July, very few things have gone right for the affordable luxury sedan. Elon Musk had to go back on his promise on some very aggressive production and delivery numbers, and the bottlenecks have been isolated to the battery assembly at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada.

It was a bit odd that it was the head of Panasonic, Tesla’s battery supplier, who revealed the source of the bottleneck despite the fact that Panasonic is not much involved in the battery assembly process of the Model 3. Earlier this week, the Model 3 production update has once again been delivered by the head of Panasonic but this time it was all good. He has indicated that the issues that were slowing down the production are very close to being over and that we should expect the numbers to go up “sharply”.

This is great news especially combined with the fact that Tesla has just started letting non-Tesla employee reservation holders to configure their cars with a promise to deliver them in late December. It looks like the electric car revolution is just about to begin,

as we also just found out that EPA has rated Model 3 extended range version at 310 miles per one charge. It is assumed that Tesla has requested that the number would be lower than it could have been to mainly make sure that Model 3 does not steal the spotlight from the Model S and Model X high end lineup.

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