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New Tesla Model 3 Production Concerns

Tesla Model 3 production is having some bad news again. Tesla had to confirm over the weekend that it indeed stopped the production of the Model 3 sedan for 4 days completely at the end of February to update the line. This might have been good news if it was announced by Tesla because any effort to ramp up the production is met with enthusiasm. However, the fact that Tesla had not mentioned that ahead of time and had to react to a news story made people question whether or not Model 3 is still having some production problems.

Looking at some numbers including the new VIN registrations it does look like the production is stuck at about 1,000 units per week which is still better than any other electric car out there. However, there are now questions about whether or not Tesla can meet its own, already updated, deadline of 2,500 units per week by the end of this month.

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