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Nikola One vs Tesla Semi Truck

Anheuser-Busch seems to have picked Nikola One semi truck over Tesla Semi for no specific reason. They have ordered 800 of Nikola One trucks while their order with Tesla stands at only 40 for the Tesla Semi. This is very surprising granted that Tesla is a much more established company and that the Nikola One truck is powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells and in order for this to work Nikola Motors will have to build fueling stations on every Anheuser-Busch route which is not easy. As a matter of fact, this goes against what the majority of the auto industry have chosen to go away from and in favor of plug-in battery powered vehicles which Tesla Semi Truck is.

In fairness. Nikola One can go twice as far and charge twice as fast as Tesla Semi truck. Though it looks like a lot of charging / re-fueling will be done at the distribution centers and truck stops where the wait time of more than 30 minutes is very acceptable.

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