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Car Lease vs Purchase: Pros & Cons

Car leasing has been on the mind of almost every person who has ever considered getting a brand new car. Should I or should I not? What is it? How does it work? It is not a secret that many people are simply afraid of the option of car leasing …

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More Good News for Tesla Model 3

Since Tesla has had their big Model 3 event back in July, very few things have gone right for the affordable luxury sedan. Elon Musk had to go back on his promise on some very aggressive production and delivery numbers, and the bottlenecks have been isolated to the battery assembly …

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Lucid Air Has Some Hope

Lucid Motors has been one of the most promising electric car start-ups in the last couple of years with an impressive prototype of it’s 4 door sedan Lucid Air. I have reported on Lucid Air a couple of months ago when I was lucky enough to be invited to their …

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