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Porsche’s CEO Unexpectedly Gives Props to Tesla for Taycan


It is encouraging to see legacy automakers acknowledging the burgeoning future of electric cars, especially since such change has been extremely slow in coming.  Just yesterday Klaus Zellmer, the CEO of Porsche North America, authored an op-ed piece in USA Today which is literally titled “Porsche thinks you’ll want your next car to be electric.”  Not only that, Porsche credits Tesla with blazing the trail.

Porsche Credits Tesla

Zellmer plainly acknowledges Tesla’s contributions to the ever-growing niche of electric cars in his opinion piece, which is nigh-unheard of in the automobile industry.

“…Tesla has proven there is significant demand for cars that combine sustainability with performance and design. Last year, the Model 3 outsold any other premium sedan in the U.S. We know that American consumers embrace new technology, especially if it delivers a new experience. And once a technology catches on, consumers respond well to expanded choice as competitors enter the field. Just look at how many models of SUV you can buy today, or the proliferation of smartphones since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007,” he wrote.

A Future of Combustion And Electric

While at least partially embracing an electrified future, Zellmer is hesitant to predict the complete abandonment of gas-powered cars.  “Let’s be clear: We believe EVs will quickly become commonplace in the U.S. new car fleet, not that they will fully displace internal combustion engines,” said Zellmer.  “Porsche is committed to a three-power train strategy for at least the next 10 years, meaning we’ll produce EVs and plug-in hybrids as well as internal combustion engines.”

While electric vehicle sales are nowhere close to their combustion engine counterparts, the market for them is growing.  In his article, Zellmer provided statistics which claimed an 81 percent increase in electric car sales from 2017 to 2018, which is incredible short-term growth. 

The Arrival of the Taycan

Of course, Porsche did not pass up the opportunity to discuss its new baby, the upcoming, all-electric Porche Taycan.  “Since last August, we have been collecting preregistrations from customers through our dealers… We already have enough interest to account for all the Taycans we expect to deliver in the U.S. in the first year, through late 2020,” boasted Zellmer, who admitted that the final production model has not even been unveiled yet. 

With such strong market potential, it is no great wonder that Porche is already planning its next steps in the electric car world.  Within “the next few years,” Porsche plans to transition its best-selling SUV, the Macan, to an all-electric model. 

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  1. Hi Alex, Thanks for all your effort In generating a responsible news feed.
    It is funny to see an auto maker like Porsche, calling Tesla a niche product, specifically when it is fast becoming the product of choice of the mass market.
    If you have a chance please contact me by phone, just have a few questions for you.

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