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Rivian Pickup Truck Spied with New Design Updates

The anticipation for an electric pickup truck is only continuing to grow as time goes on, but we have a new update: someone spotted the Rivian R1T electric pickup in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.  The adventurous pickup was found with a nice coat of dirt from someone putting it through its paces.  The pictures offer a fresh look at a preproduction prototype of the R1T since the concept truck came out last year.

Rivian Electric Pickup Changes

Those who are fans of the original concept will be glad that most of the design changes seem rather small.  The charging port moved from the passenger’s side to the driver’s side, and a few amber reflectors were added to the front wheel arch cladding.  The front bumper also sports front tow hooks rather than the concept vehicle’s glossy black panels. 

Rivian electric pickup

The design of the door handles has changed a little, and the carbon fiber inserts between the wheel spokes have disappeared in the prototype.  Moving to the rear, we see that the split rear windows have been replaced by a full-width window.  A thicker spoiler runs along the rear edge of the cab, complete with two brake lights and two slots for channeling air along the backlight. 

The tailgate and rear bumper of the Rivian electric pickup is a little flatter and more subtle now, but that could be for a good reason: the suspension links appear to sit a little higher on the preproduction model than on the concept, and that could mean that the rear may now have a little more ground clearance.  It also looks like there is what could be a removable center section, possibly hiding a tow hook.  But a pair of two fold-down steps originally stowed beneath the bumper is now missing.

Rivian electric pickup
Top: preproduction prototype. Bottom: concept truck.

Then there are the colors:  so far we have been seeing a lot of shiny metallic silver on the exterior, but these photos unveil both white and flat gray.  The interior shows off the ‘Black Mountain’ color scheme, which is black and gray.  Up until this point, we have only seen ‘Forrest Edge’ and ‘Lunar Rock’. 

Some folks were a little disappointed at the changes revealed around the steering wheel:

Rivian electric pickup

Left: preproduction prototype. Right: concept truck.

However, Rivian reached out to Electrek to inform them that the preproduction vehicle has a lot of “non-production representative content”, and that the interior of the actual production model is expected to look much more like the concept truck upon release. 

Why Argentina?

So why were these Rivian electric pickup prototypes in Argentina, anyway?  It could be as simple as winter testing.  Right now it is winter in Argentina, and temperatures hover just around freezing most days while snow could hit any day.  This makes it a great place to test out the Rivian R1T in a cold, rugged environment. 

According to an Argentinian website called AutoBlog, however, the Rivian vehicles could be a part of a convoy led by Ewan McGregor to break a continental record for electric vehicles.  The famous British actor has already filmed several travelogue documentaries, and his latest is expected to be called Long Way Up. The actor and his crew will likely start in Ushuaia and end in Alaska, some 15,000 miles away. 

Bringing along the prototype vehicles would be great press for the fledgling company, while also providing Rivian with the chance to see how the R1T will perform in some rough overland conditions over the span of several months. 

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