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Rumor: Tesla Model Y to Surprise Everyone

This past week has come with a flood of sightings of Tesla’s Model Y prototypes out in the wild, and it is creating quite the buzz.  While it is normal for Tesla to conduct road testing during the year before it actually starts manufacturing vehicles, the sightings have some people wondering if the Model Y might start production earlier than expected. 

Model Y Production Bumped Up?

Tesla rumors abound no matter what the day is, but according to a recent article by CleanTechnica, there is a chance that the Tesla Model Y may actually start production this year rather than in 2020.  Tesla’s original statement on the matter was that that the Model Y would not start shipping until late 2020. The company’s website currently states that new orders will ship during the first quarter of 2021.  But according to an “anonymous source with a proven and reliable track record” which was verified “independently through a second-hand source”, Tesla is on the cusp of speeding up its schedule to allow for limited production to start during the first quarter of 2020 in Fremont. 

Now, it is important to remember that limited production beginning early does NOT necessarily mean that customer deliveries will start early.  There is a good chance that Tesla is aiming for earlier production so that they have more time to work out bugs, quality issues, and the like, which is something that they messed up on with the Model 3. 

The leaked information may merely mean that Tesla remains on track with its Model Y development and manufacturing schedule. 

Prototype Sightings

For the past couple of weeks, the internet has been abuzz with Tesla Model Y sightings on the west coast of the U.S.  Whether they be in carriers or driving the streets of California and Washington, these prototypes are certainly exciting to see.  New colors have been spotted, as well as new wheel styles, and even a view of the large rear hatch.  With luck, we will see even more of the Model Y on the road so that we can continue to scope out its design before the official release. 


Originally Tesla planned on assembling most of the Model Y at its Gigafactory I in Nevada before completing the final assembly at its Fremont factory, but eventually, Tesla admitted that it would be shuffling lines around at Fremont so that production can occur from start to finish in one place.  Even more recently we discovered that Tesla is in the process of building a fifth assembly line there, to accelerate production even more.  In due course the Tesla Model Y will be manufactured at the Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China, as well.

After initially rolling out in the U.S., Tesla is expected to ship cars to Canada and Mexico, closely followed by the right-hand drive European markets.  Once production starts at the Gigafactory 3, the Model Y will be available for Asian markets.

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