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Tesla Bankruptcy Forecasted as TSLA Stock Hits a Low

Tesla stock dropped to one year low in just two days as NTSB is investigating a fatal crash of a Tesla Model X in Mountain View, CA and Model 3 ramp up is not going as well as predicted. John Thomson of Vilas Capital, the CIO of the company, had come out to forecast that Tesla will be bankrupt in just a few months as he does not believe that it can go on that much longer without turning any profits.

Of course, all these issues are not the best news for Tesla but I am very sure it’ll overcome them all as it had before. Also, every time Elon Musk wanted to raise more money for Tesla he had absolutely no problem doing so, therefore Mr. Thomson’s claim sounds even more ridiculous. However, with the above said, Elon Musk should come out with some very good facts and an even better plan as he talks about the Q1 results next week. It is important that he shows leadership and calms all of the worries of the Wall Street down.

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