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Tesla Had the Best Week of the Year So Far

Even though there were two stories this week about Tesla getting hacked, Tesla still managed to have what I believe was the best week this year so far. The first story was about Tesla’s internal cloud server being hacked for no other purpose but to mine crypto currency. No company or customer data was compromised. The second one was about a Model 3 getting hacked by its own owner to get into the “Factory Mode”. What he discovered was some interesting numbers that suggested that the dual motor version of the Model 3 was going to be even more impressive than most people thought.

Of course, this week Tesla opened up configuration tool to some of the very first non-Tesla owners which was a big step. Semi Truck made the news as Elon tweeted his assurance that the Semi would beat the specs announced at its own unveiling, and DHL has come out to say how much savings they expect from their Tesla Semi fleet.

Of course, the fact that we found out that the latest big AP2 update is in its final stages of testing and that Model S and Model X reservations are now 4 to 5 months long have all contributed to this really good week for Tesla.

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