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Tesla Cars Bypass Humans to Order Their Own Parts

So not only can Tesla electric cars now drive themselves, but they are also diagnosing themselves to order replacement parts for problems you did not even know you had. 

A recent post by Reddit user u/houston_wehaveaprblm shared a photograph of the infotainment screen of a Model 3, showing a curious message:

“An unexpected condition has been detected with the Power Conversion System on your Model 3. A replacement part has been pre-shipped to your preferred Tesla Service Center. Please use your Tesla Mobile App or your Tesla account to schedule a service visit appointment now.”

And it seems like he was not the only one getting something like this; other Tesla owners shared similar experiences.  So eventually Tesla responded.

Tesla’s Embarrassing Customer Service Issues

One of the biggest complaints about Tesla is their customer service, the wait times and service availability for even the simplest repairs often trying the most patient of owners.  The vehicle’s ability to self-diagnose problems and order replacement parts on its own is a pretty big deal.  It may not solve all of the waiting, but at least it has the potential to reduce it a bit by getting the necessary parts to the shop before your car even shows up to be looked at.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously addressed his desire to improve the customer experience.

“I want to note that one of our major priorities this quarter is improving service operations. Really, from my standpoint, when I think about what my priorities are this quarter, it’s improving service in North America,” he said during the 2018 Q4 conference call. 

So it appears that the implementation of a proactive service feature is but one of several steps the company is planning on taking.  Tesla also plans on expanding its mobile service unit to allow for quicker, more convenient maintenance of their vehicles.  Their mobile app has become an integral part of the service and maintenance routine, even going as far as to keep owners updated of the vehicle status while it is undergoing repairs.  There is also talk of having service centers stock more parts in order to reduce the wait time during maintenance. 

Tesla Cars Diagnosing Themselves Means Increased Automation

All of this seems to be leading down a path towards further automation.  On top of the previously mentioned improvements, live issue detection can automatically call a tow truck and loaner vehicle almost immediately should problems arise.  Of course, owners can cancel the request if they wish, but such a feature should speed up service requests a great deal.  Tesla owners can also schedule service appointments through their app, which includes pickup and delivery requests. 

This means less time waiting, and hopefully less frustration for all involved.  But it remains to be seen if/when all of these proposed ideas become reality. 

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