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Tesla Keeps Getting Orders for its Semi Truck

After announcing that it will become its very first semi truck customer, Tesla has kept its orders rolling in and they are getting bigger. Anheuser-Busch, a parent company of Budweiser, has just announced an order of 40 semi trucks which was the largest one at that point. That was until today when Sysco has ordered 50 of Tesla Semis. Of course, both of those companies operate thousands of trucks and these orders will account for a tiny fraction of those fleets. It is obvious, that the orders are to test the waters of the new technology and the new brand that the trucking industry hasn’t had to deal with yet.

The list of orders is growing but as someone who has had a few conversations with trucking company owners at the Semi Truck unveiling event last month I don’t see those companies on the official reservation list. I don’t want to expose their orders publicly since I’m not sure if an open bar had anything to do with them telling me about their orders. With that said, I can certainly tell you the Tesla Semi Truck  reservation list is much longer than it is publicly known at this point.

Lastly, let’s remember that because of the savings that Tesla claims to bring to the trucking industry, it could just be the smaller trucking companies that will take bigger risks on this technology while the bigger ones will take their time to investigate it first.

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