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Tesla May Make Elon Musk the Richest Man Alive

Tesla is just about to offer Elon Musk a very generous incentive package to stay with Tesla as a CEO for the next 10 years. Elon Musk receives no salary from Tesla and has always “gotten by” on his stock incentive bonuses. This time it’s no different but the stakes are much higher. Musk will have to take the company to be worth at least $100 billion to receive his first bonus. Then for every $50 extra billion in the market cap worth he’ll receive an extra one percent all the way to 12% in stock if the company is worth more than $650 billion.

Currently Tesla is worth about $60 billion. In comparison, there are only three American companies that are worth more than $650 billion at this point. They are Google ( Alphabet ), Amazon and Apple.

If Elon Musk meets his goals for this plan he will be worth over $200 billion in comparison to the current richest man on Earth Bill Gates at around $86 billion.

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