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Tesla Model 3 Can Now Be Configured by Non-Owners

Today is a big day. It is the first time when non current Tesla owners are getting their configuration invites from Tesla to configure their Tesla Model 3 cars. Just a small number of them, of course. They are in California and they have reserved their Model 3 on the very first day. Perhaps even the first hour.

Tesla started selling Model 3 sedans in July and not until December only Tesla employees were able to purchase them. In December, current Tesla owners, even the ones who purchased a Tesla in the recent few days, got their turn to configure and move forward with their purchase. The only Model 3 sedans that are being made right now are configured with the long range and a premium package version. Dual motor option will come during summer and the long awaited standard range $35,000 version will be available at the end of the year.

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