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Tesla Model 3 Delays Announced After Q4 Earnings Call

Tesla released their earnings numbers yesterday and surprisingly they did a little better than the gloomy expectations but that’s not what made the main news. It’s what happened after. Which is Model 3 delay announcements that went out as emails to reservation holders and the Model 3 configurator on Tesla’s website once again updating the expected dates for the Dual Motor and Standard Battery pack releases.

Tesla now projects that the dual motor option will arrive in “Mid 2018” which is a change from “Spring of 2018” as they just had it announced in January. But the biggest disappointment is the new rollout date for the standard battery pack of the Model 3. That one was pushed from “Early 2018” to “Late 2018”. That created a lot of anxiety and disappointment in the community as many people are not only tired of waiting but are now concerned that they will not qualify for the federal tax rebate by the time they get their Model 3 which a lot of them are counting on at least in part.

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