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Tesla Model 3 Demos Available in Some Showrooms Now

Even though Tesla Model 3 deliveries, first to Tesla employees and now to private owners, have started back in July, most people had to go by a few pictures and videos available to them to get an idea of what their car would look like. It is finally going to change. Tesla is starting to deliver demo cars to their showrooms starting with Los Angeles and Palo Alto. This way customers can now come and check out the real thing in person. I should mention that the Model S was available for in-store demo sessions many months before going in production.

It’ll take some time for more Tesla showrooms to get a demo car but it is going to happen faster than that it is becoming a priority for the company. It is also worth noting that “demo” cars are not for test drives, just for in person look. Test drives will be available in the near future.

Just this week many new Tesla Model 3 owners got upset when they had their cars delivered with a different type of a trim than they have seen in pictures. Tesla has admitted that they had to change the materials used due to a supplier issue, but in my personal opinion the new materials used are better looking than the previous version. Also, don’t forget that the trim is probably the least valuable part of the $5,000 premium package upgrade.

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