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Tesla Model 3 Dominates News Cycle This Week

Even though CES was only over for just a week, none of the electric car unveilings and news from Vegas were able to keep its momentum into this week. Tesla Model 3 has swallowed all the glory this week as the long awaited short range $35,000 Model 3 version seems to be promised in the next couple of months.  The Model 3 configurator on Tesla’s website now lists the standard range option as being available in “Early 2018”.

On top of that, Tesla’s website lists the dual motor option as “Spring of 2018” and there is now a picture of the dual motor diagram which has already leaked through reddit. Furthermore, Tesla is now registering VIN numbers as high as 8,XXX for dual motors which only confirms that the good news is coming sooner than some people expected.

Of course, Elon Musk had also got everyone excited by promising that the Model 3 will have voice command technology updated to where almost all functionality of the car will be available via voice soon.

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