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Tesla Model 3 Gets Cheaper While Other Prices Go Up

Only a few days after reporting record deliveries for this past quarter, Tesla has once again adjusted prices across its sales range.  They have also dropped the standard-range variants of its Model X and Model S from its product lineup.  So what exactly is Tesla doing in this current round of price changes?

Tesla Price Changes Happen Again

It feels like Tesla’s constant price changes are becoming a running joke at this point.  Reuters was the first to pick up the latest occurrence and report on these recent adjustments.

“The starting price for the Model 3 will be $30,315, down from $32,225, that for the Model X will rise to $75,315 from $71,325, and the Model S will change to $70,115, up from $65,125, according to the company’s website,” they first stated.

After further clarification, Reuters followed up with: “The discontinuation of the standard-range variants, however, means a rise in starting prices – to $84,990 for the Model X and $79,990 for the Model S, excluding potential buying incentives.  Tesla also lowered the starting price of its mass-market Model 3 to $38,990.”

Oh, and expect another change in the price of the Full Self-Driving option soon, at least according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Changes in Options Availability

According to Tesla, the changes in available options were made so that it was easier for customers to order their new car, as well as to streamline the number of trim levels so that manufacturing is more standardized. 

Back in March, Tesla added the Model S Standard Range to its lineup, only to drop it again three weeks later.  Then they brought it back again.  But in case your head may have stopped spinning from the changes and you were thinking about purchasing it, think again:  the Model S Standard Range is gone.  Again.  So is the Model X Standard Range. 

Both vehicles are now only available in Long Range or Performance variations.  In case you were really itching for that ‘Ludicrous’ package, though, you are in luck: the former $20,000 upgrade will now come as standard for each.

It was also revealed that Tesla had changed its “free” standard paint color from black to white.  The “Pearl White Multi-Coat” was previously a $1,500 option.

When it comes to the Model 3, a few adjustments were made to that lineup as well.  The Model 3 Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive, previously available as an “off-the-menu” item, has been discontinued.  According to Electrek, it is still possible to order a Model 3 Standard Range off-the-menu in North America.

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