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Tesla Model 3 Gets Into Politics in New York

For years Tesla has been fighting legal battles in some of the states that moved to prohibit Tesla from selling in those states due to the dealership laws that were either already in place or recently passed with the help of existing auto manufacturers.  The state of New York is a bit different. Tesla had made a deal a while back to limit their showrooms to just 5 in the entire state. However, now Tesla has outgrown that number and a new bill is introduced in the state legislature to raise that number to 20.

Instead of sending an executive or a political lobbyist to New York, Tesla had taken a new fresh approach. They are sending their product instead of their people. Yes, Tesla Model 3 is going on tour throughout the state hitting the locations where Tesla would like to build their showrooms to let people decide if they want it or not. Of course, Tesla will be encouraging everyone attending to call their local congressman to put pressure on them to pass the bill. Very clever idea if you ask me.

Current Tesla owners and Model 3 reservation holders in New York have been receiving emails with their invites to the event.

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