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Tesla Model 3 Leads This Week’s Electric Car News Recap

This week Tesla has continued sending out its invitation emails to those who can configure their Model 3 cars right now with the deliveries in about 3 to 4 weeks. That went hand in hand with the news that Tesla suppliers are reporting that Tesla has asked them to go back to the original 5,000 parts per week rate which indicates that Tesla is ready to ramp up production of 20,000 Model 3 cars per month in about 2 months.

Tesla Semi got the biggest order from PepsiCo this week but many insiders are reporting that the list of reservations is much longer than publicly announced deals. It’s reported to exceed 2000 reservations. Meanwhile, in Canada, the province of Ontario will shortly start handing out up to $60,000 incentives for those companies buying electric industrial vehicles bringing the price of a standard Tesla Semi down to around $90,000.

NIO, a Chinese backed auto maker, has announced that they will start production of their electric SUVs next year and will price them at around $57, 000 after government incentives. NIO will also be sold with an option to lease the battery separately which will bring the price down as long as $42,000. That is about a third compared to the Tesla Model X which will be their main competitor. NIO will be launching battery swapping stations as well as mobile charging vans which will solve many concerns about the charge time of electric vehicle.

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