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Tesla Model 3 Is No Longer Best Selling Electric Car

Only a few weeks ago it was believed that Tesla Model 3 was the best selling car not only in the United States but also in the world. That could have been true until the latest February numbers have been updated. Granted that it is almost impossible to keep precise numbers of cars sold because Tesla and other companies do not report their sales until the end of each quarter. But a few websites out there try to keep track.

Once the number have been updated, even though Tesla Model 3 was still number one in the US, it was Nissan Leaf that came out on top in global estimated sales. Almost 4,000 of Nissan Leafs were sold in Japan in February where the New Leaf began selling last fall. Similar number was reported in Europe as well. After all was said and done the total Nissan Leaf sales were 8,400 units worldwide.

I should mention that February was the first month when the New Leaf was being sold in the US and those sales are expected to pick up which means that this month’s Leaf sales can top 10,000 units.

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