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Tesla Model 3 Owners Upset with New Trim Update

Tesla found itself in another mini-controversy as it has started delivering its Model 3 sedans to private customers. What some people are upset about is that they have expected a suede-like trim all over their cars as they have paid for the $5,000 premium upgrade. However, the cars that are being delivered have more of a weaved textile type of a material lining their seats. It’s not clear if those customers are upset about the usage of that material or the fact that it was being mixed and matched with the rest of the suede like trimming.

What will help to avoid this type of an issue in the future would be having Model 3 cars at Tesla showrooms which they are starting to do this week. LA and Palo Alto showrooms are getting their first Model 3 cars to demo for future buyers. That will definitely avoid any issues with those who are purchasing their Model 3 cars sight unseen.

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