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Tesla Model 3 Problem No One is Talking About

With Tesla Model 3 production ramping up there is a new problem that is brewing on the horizon. No, it’s not anything that has to do with quality or production of the sedan. But it has everything to do with the fact that those people who are looking to spend moderate $35,000 on a car while living in cities where most of them happen to live are very likely to live in apartment complexes and condos where they do not have charging stations and are forced to look for alternative ways to charge their cars every day.

Even the brand new apartment complexes here in Silicon Valley do not come with dedicated charging stations if any stations at all. This is an infrastructure problem that will not catch up in time with Tesla’s 200,000 Model 3 production output going into the next year. Of course, don’t forget there are also Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf and other mass produced electric car owners that are in even worse situation while not having an access to a fast charging network like Tesla’s Superchargers.

The one solution that may be offered is a battery swap technology which Tesla has already bet against. That may bite them in the butt one day where this may just be the solution to the infrastructure problem that is on the horizon.

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