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Tesla Model 3 Is About To Start an Electric Car Revolution

Almost every other day there is more news about the long awaited Tesla Model 3. Unlike a couple of months ago the news is now good. It looks like as early as next week the Model 3 sales to public will officially start. The production issues seem to be mainly resolved and the software has been updated.

It is hard to believe that we are in the beginning of one of the major disruptions of one of the major industries in the world. Granted that electric cars have been around for almost decade and Tesla Model S has been around for over 5 years. But most of us who live in the electric car bubble are not always aware that electric cars are not even a thought on most people’s minds. Only know when a more affordable car with a good range, good looks and good charging networks is just about to enter the market, we’ll see more and more people learning about electric cars and most likely wanting to own one sooner or later.

Expect more Tesla Model 3 news to come out in the next couple of weeks as deliveries start.

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