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Tesla Model 3 Surprises With Its Battery Warranty

As Tesla is starting deliveries of their Model 3 sedan to the public, they have released the Model 3 warranty details. It looks like Tesla is doing something new with the Model 3 warranty that they have not done with the Model S or the Model X: they are going to guarantee the battery performance along with the power train. Tesla will guarantee the battery capacity retention of no less than 70% after 8 years or 100,000 miles ( 120,000 miles for the long range version ).

In fairness Chevy Bolt and Nissan Leaf have the same type of warranty with 60% and 66% capacity retention guaranteed respectively. Of course, Tesla already has a great history of its battery performance rarely falling under 10% way into 100,000 mile ownership. It is the Nissan Leaf that is a poster child of horrible battery degradation and inability to handle it to its customer satisfaction. It has gotten better but with the lack of the active thermal management system in the new 2018 Leaf, this warranty is a must.

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