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Tesla Model 3 vs. CNBC Haters

Tesla had found itself defending its Model 3 production plan and fending off a new CNBC report that suggests that Tesla has an unprecedented percentage of faulty parts that they have to re-manufacture. The report is based on anonymous current and former Tesla employee statements. It claims that as many as 40% of parts made or delivered to the factory had to be re-done. I find it impossible to believe. Thus, I call BS.

The report fails to compare Tesla to other manufacturers to understand if the reported numbers or the practices are within the auto industry, though Tesla usually prides itself in doing things differently, which really means better, than the rest.

With the above said it does look like Tesla is struggling to meet its latest Model 3 goal of 2,500 units per week production rate by the end of the month. That goal has been adjusted 3 times now.

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