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From Tesla Model 3 to VW Animal Testing: This Week Had It All

This week was full of good and bad news in the electric car world. The main news that shook the community was the discovery of a study financed by VW, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Bosch that ended up using animals, 10 monkeys to be exact, to experiment with affects of newer diesel engines. The monkeys were forced to inhale the fumes from a recent VW model and then from an older Ford pickup truck powered by diesel as well. After that, tissues have been taken from different parts of monkeys’ lungs to study the effects.

The rest of the news were, once again, dominated by Tesla Model 3 that became the best selling car in January despite its production ramp up issues and the recent success of the Chevy Bolt. On top of that, Tesla seems to be getting closer to producing the dual motor Model 3 sedans as well as the standard range $35,000 version of the car as well.

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