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Tesla Model 3: Why You Should Worry NOW

Even though most of us will not be receiving our Tesla Model 3 for a while, it may come as a surprise that you may want to start making some decisions and preparations many months, even a year, ahead of your purchase!

First, you have to think about where you’re going to charge this car. Using local superchargers is not only looked down on since those are meant for travelers only, but Tesla has been cracking down on casual regular usage of Superchargers so that may not be an option by the time you have your car. Plus, you’ll have to pay for it as well. Thus, you may want to start thinking about either installing a new charger at the place where you live or own, or moving to a more EV friendly dwelling once your current lease expires.

Then you will need to figure out which options you want on your car as well as if you want to buy or lease it. Those decisions will limit you to a certain time frame because some features as well as the ability to lease the Model 3 will not be there for a while.

Lastly you need to worry about the insurance company to pick which you may want to start tracking now. You want to make sure that you know which way each insurance company is moving to as far as their rates on a Tesla. Of course, you also want to figure out when the federal tax credit in the US will start being phased out for Tesla which will probably be starting in July. There will also be some other incentives being given or taken away in your country or state which you should definitely research as well.

So, as you can see there are plenty of homework for you to do now in order to have all these important decisions come together when you are actually ready to configure and buy your Tesla Model 3.

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