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Tesla Revives Free Unlimited Supercharging… Again!

Free unlimited Supercharging is a Tesla perk that was as beloved as it was unsustainable, and one we were sad to see go.  But as with many things related to the popular electric car company, it turns out that the perk is not completely dead.  Tesla is bringing back its unlimited free supercharging for new Model S and Model X buyers, presumably in an effort to boost sales.

Tesla Brings Back Unlimited Free Supercharging

On Saturday, Tesla announced the resurrection of one of its top perks on Twitter.  This means that new buyers will be able to use Superchargers during their trips free of charge, something that Tesla Model 3 buyers cannot do. 

Back during Tesla’s earlier days, the free unlimited supercharging perk was a standard feature of purchasing a Tesla vehicle.  Starting at the beginning of 2017, however, the perk started phasing out when new customers were limited to 400 kilowatt-hours, or about 1,000 miles, of free charging every year.  After hitting their limit, they would be charged a small fee. 

After that, unlimited free access to superchargers became linked to its referral program and buyers of the Model S, Model X, and/or Model 3.  It has come and gone in various forms, usually when Tesla needed to move old inventory, and its current iteration will likely be temporary as well. 

According to Electrek, the current promotion is only applicable for the original buyer and is not transferrable. 


There is a reason that Tesla’s unlimited free supercharging keeps coming and going. 

The promotion is not cost-effective for Tesla, and this is especially crucial in a time when the company is working hard to cut costs and run as efficiently as possible.  If volume production increases and the number of cars eligible for free unlimited supercharging rises as well, the added expenses could very well drive Tesla into the ground.

Obviously, the reasoning behind Tesla’s decision to revive the perk now is likely to do with slumping Model S and Model X sales figures since the start of 2019.  The Model 3 comes with a higher charge rate, which coupled with its lower price have made it the apple of many a buyer’s eye.  If Tesla can bolster sales at least until the Model Y hits the market, then it can keep its profits up and temper some of its critics. 

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