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Tesla Roadster Gets a New Competitor

Tesla’s unveiling of their new generation Roadster last year was probably the most exciting and memorable event in the world of electric cars in 2017. It has also inspired some competition and alternatives. Rimac Concept Two is probably the most known one so far. However, today Xing Mobility has announced that they will be unveiling their version of a roadster called “Miss R” with very competitive 0 to 60 figures at around 1.8 seconds.

It’s not a looker and Xing Mobility is planning on making around 20 of them at about $1M each but nevertheless this is yet another example of great progress in electric car technology. Xing Mobility do seem to be in position to become a battery supplier with the Roadster simply being a showcase product. They have also announced a new utility truck called “Mr. T” which they will be unveiling later this month in China as well.

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