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Tesla Roadster Steals Model 3’s Spotlight This Week

An amazing show produced by Elon Musk and Space X that launched the Falcon Heavy into space caring Elon’s personal Tesla Roadster stole the spotlight from all the tech news this week. The twin booster landing was the money shot that was seen around the world. After that, the images of Tesla Roadster riding around in space with our planet on the background have been shared around the world giving one of the best PR promotions to Tesla and the electric car movement to date. We need to keep in mind that many people out there are not yet familiar with electric cars in general or Tesla in particular.

Only a couple of days later Tesla had to deal with a fallout of yet another announced delay in schedule for their Model 3 sedan. That schedule has been changed for the 5th time now making a lot of reservation holders upset. The standard battery configuration of the car has been pushed from “Early 2018” to “Late 2018” for the US reservation holders and the dual motor configuration was switched from “Spring 2018” to “Mid 2018”. The only reservation holders who got good news about their delivery estimate being moved up are those in Canada where Tesla is planning to expand to sooner than expected.

Tesla Q4 earnings report was within expectation of Wall Street but it was hard to judge the stock market reaction to it due to a major correction that the market has gone through last week.


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