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Tesla Solar Roof Follow-Up & Daily EV News

In this video I’m answering some of the questions regarding the segment I just put out featuring one of the first Tesla Solar Roof installation and an interview with the customer. You can see the original video at

Many people have been asking about the cost of installation and the power output. I want to make a point that the cost of installation is going to vary from one house to another. And so is the power output. Don’t forget you’re not getting just solar panels posing as roof shingles. This is an entirely new roof installation so it depends on the shape and configuration of your house. The output, of course, depends on your geographical location, angles of your roof and the weather conditions on daily basis.

It is also hard to estimate what the true “value” of Tesla Solar Roof is because it is not just a better roof that can take much bigger physical abuse from the weather and surroundings, but it is also a way to not make your house look ugly with solar panels installed over the transitional roof. What is the price of that? It’s different for every person.

I’ll make sure to do a follow up on the story and have some numbers, but for now just enjoy the beautiful drone footage in the video.


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