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Tesla Supercharger Alternative is Getting Big: Electrify America

It has only been two years since Electrify America first came to be, and already they are making some huge leaps forward as a company.  Initially born out of the Volkswagen diesel scandal, Electrify America is building a network of non-proprietary electric vehicle chargers across the country, with over 650 community-based sites and nearly 300 highway sites currently operable. 

So what is new with Electrify America?  Here is a peek into what is currently in the works. 

New Electrify America App

When it comes to charging your electric vehicle, most charging network providers have their own apps for owners to use.  Now Electrify America has finally announced the upcoming release of their own app, slated to hit Android and iOS app stores at the end of this month. 

Like many of its competitors, this app allows you to locate chargers, see how many plugs each location has, and if any of said plugs are available for use.  The app also allows you to see the charging status of any of the currently charging cars, in case one might be done soon.  While you are plugged in, the app tracks your charging session, showing your current rate of charge, an estimate of when your charging should be completed, when the battery reaches its “bulk” charge (about 80%), and when it is fully topped off.  Finally, the app handles payment and provides a receipt. 

Electrify America’s Membership Plans

In addition to the app, Electrify America is offering two membership offerings to make their customer’s lives a little easier.  The Electrify America Pass requires a $1 session fee per charge, plus a standard per-minute rate.  Electrify America Pass Plus drops the session fee in favor of a $4 monthly subscription fee, as well as an additional discount off of the standard per-minute rate.  This rate will depend on the power level the car is charging at, as well as the state in which the charger is located.  There will be three power levels available to choose from, depending on your charging needs: 0 – 75 kW; 76kW – 125 kW; and 126kW – 350kW

You can expect to see finalized pricing, as well as the finished app, hitting app stores near the end of May.

Plug & Charge Technology

Another exciting feature that is coming soon to Electrify America’s charging stations is their plug and charge technology.  This feature will use the ISO 15118 standard, which means that connecting a charging cable to the car will automatically authenticate security certificates before linking the charger to the owner’s billing information stored in an in-car profile.  That way you are not stuck fumbling with your wallet or figuring out where you put your RFID dongle before you can even activate a charging session.  But one of the best things is, as long as manufacturers are willing to participate, Electrify America’s charging stations will be available to all sorts of other brands (and not just Volkswagen).

Electrify America’s network is already developing and/or planning to install 484 new charging stations with more than 2,000 DC fast chargers by the end of 2019.  The stations are located along high-traffic corridors in 42 states and in 17 metropolitan areas.  Each one of these stations will provide CCS and CHAdeMO plugs, and some will even offer Level 2 chargers for customer use.

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  1. Tesla has 1441 Supercharger sites in the US with about 16000 Superchargers. You were way low on your video.

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